Top 3 Brooklyn Ramen Spots to Warm You Up This Winter


Where you can find the most mouthwatering ramen in Brooklyn 

Winters in New York City can be an icy buzzkill, but there’s a warm, warm light at the end of the tunnel: Ramen. As the chilly weather approaches, our appetite for something comforting and delicious increases. Whether you’re craving vegetables, chicken, fish, pork, or beef, these hearty, brothy bowls are some of our favorites in all of Brooklyn.


Williamsburg is heating up thanks to Ichiran. This tucked away ramen shop is unforgettable due to its customizable ramen and the tasty flavors of its broth. 
If you like a simple ramen, this is the spot for you. Ichiran is known for its stripped-down bowl; rather than heapings of toppings, the dish relies heavily on its memorable and punchy broth (it’s light and silky). The personalized bowls allow you to choose noodles at varying levels of thickness and doneness. If you like egg, scallions, and other ramen toppings, they can be added at price—although many argue that you should stick with the basics for the ultimate taste. Many reviewers have claimed that Ichiran’s ramen is the closest to authentic ramen you’ll find outside of Japan. 
Get there early or late (last call is at 10:30 PM) so that you can avoid the crowd that this delicious ramen restaurant has attracted.
The ramen starts at around $18, but there is a no tipping policy, which means those extra pennies you’re spending goes towards fair pay for Ichiran’s employees—and amazing flavor! 
Location: 374 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Yuji Ramen

If you’re an adventurous foodie and ramen connoisseur, try Yuji Ramen. They offer a delicious array of all types of ramen—including a few unique dishes you most likely won’t find anywhere else in the city.
Yuji Ramen specializes in fish-based ramen, so come hungry seafood lovers! The shop has ramen with mussels, charred tuna, torched squid, monkfish liver, oysters in creamy almond milk broth—even bacon and egg mazemen (which is ramen without the broth).  
The portion sizes are small, but the richness in taste is worth it for many. Be sure to add kaedama, which is a side of noodles, to fill up! It is a tiny shop, so put your name on the list and stop by Bushwick Country Club for a drink. 
Location: 150 Ainslie St, Brooklyn, NY


Located in Williamsburg and Prospect Heights, Chuko (which means “vintage” in Japanese) puts a scrumptious spin on ramen with both traditional and novel ingredients. 
If you’re a vegetable lover or vegetarian, we highly recommend this ramen place. Their veggie miso ramen is full of seasonal vegetables like cabbage, sweet potato, snow peas, and corn. 
If you’re a meat lover, try the kimchi with ground pork ramen—it’s hearty, thick, and has a nice spicy kick.
Either way, the famous brussel sprouts, kale salad, and chili garlic oil that comes on the side is to die for. It’s cash only, but so worth it. You won’t be disappointed!
Location: 565 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY

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