Top 3 NYC Supper Clubs


The ultimate guide to underground dining in New York City

From the Prohibition Era in the 1920s to the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 1960s, supper clubs were a hopping social scene in New York, serving as a place for the city’s most glamorous residents to dine in swanky, jazz-filled dining rooms among the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and Marilyn Monroe. While the popularity of supper clubs wore off nearly 50 years ago, a number of chefs and food-loving entrepreneurs are bringing them back in a modern way in the form of exclusive, membership-style restaurant experiences. We’re breaking down the top four supper clubs in New York right now:

Mr. Jones Supper Club

At Mr. Jones Supper Club, the culinary journey starts as soon as you step through the door. After being personally greeted by the chef himself, you will join no more than nine other guests at a communal table and kick off small talk over fresh bread and a glass of wine. The evening continues with a creatively crafted Omakase style menu, a selection of five to seven shared dishes prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients. Located in the heart of the West Village, this intimate dining experience not only serves as a celebration of great food--it also revives the lost art of conversation between strangers. 


In 2018, Meryl Feinstein left her corporate PR job in order to go back to school--culinary school, to be more exact. She became a highly skilled pastaia and eventually teamed up with Texas-born pizzaiola Bronwen Kinzler-Britton to produce state-of-the-art Italian dishes in an environment that evokes a sense of comfort and warmth. This focus on both innovation and atmosphere is what makes them such a good fit for this supper club startup.

Upon Jonah Reider’s graduation from Columbia University, Pith--the culinary phenomenon he ran out of his dorm room--needed a place to go. Enter hedge fund manager Brian Mommsen, who gave Jonah a place to continue holding his events and thus founded what would eventually become Resident, a rotating supper club that gives new chefs a place to serve gourmet meals and experiment with recipes. Welcoming new chefs every few months, Resident is always fresh and exciting, serving delicacies from a diverse set of different culinary masters.


Designed to break up the workweek and help inject culture into 24/7 lifestyles, Wednesday’s is an experimental dinner series serving a seven-course meal accompanied by a four-course cocktail flight every week on hump day. Chef-mixologist couple Jenny and Matt Dorsey set out to create something other than the stuffy New York City restaurant status quo with Wednesday’s, challenging their guests to get out of their food and drink comfort zones and meet new people in a no-frills setting. Every meal at Wednesday’s is different, taking inspiration from different cultures’ cuisines to deliver a refreshing experience for both their regular diners and those interested in private events.

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*Image: Resident - Credit: Nico Schinco for Food & Wine Magazine

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